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Star of the Goddess

Divine Feminine Inspirations

Vickie Martina, Intuitive Reiki Master, and Nancy Ogren, Intuitive Astrologer, offer esoteric gatherings to honor Moon Cycles and the Rhythms of our Lives. We welcome all women in each cycle of life in the The Triple Goddess aspect of Maiden, Mother, and Crone/Grandmother to our New and Full Moon Circles.. We offer Goddess wisdom teachings, Astrology, Intuitive guidance  and energy healing for an inspiring evening of support and friendship. Join us for our empowering Divine Feminine Circles and illuminating Moon Magic!

Summer Events $20

6/27~Chakra Healing [email protected]:30

7/2 ~ Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse [email protected]:30  

7/11~The Goddess Within: Mary Magdalene [email protected]:30 

7/16~Capricorn Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse [email protected]:30

7/31~Leo New Moon Lammas [email protected]:30

8/7~Power Chakra Healing [email protected]:30

8/22~Mother Mary Love [email protected]:30

8/29~Virgo New Moon [email protected]:30

**Note: RSVP is required to reserve your seat as space is limited.

Please call 970-578-0158 or email [email protected] 

Event details are posted on the Star of the Goddess Facebook Page