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Level I: Reiki Practitioner Class

Class content covers traditional Usui Tibetan Reiki healing concepts and Level I Reiki Power Symbol. Chakras, Auras, Anatomy for Reiki, Personal Intuitive Styles, and Animal Reiki is included.  Students receive their first Spiritual Reiki Attunement and Practitioner Certification. $225 

Level II: Reiki Practitioner Class

Class content covers Reiki long-distance healing concepts, accessing the Universal Consciousness, Level II emotional and long distance ReikiSymbols,    Chakras 8-12 and using Pendulums as tools. Students receive their second Spiritual Reiki Attunement and Reiki Level II Practitioner Certification. $225

Reiki  Level I and II Class Intensives are also offered in a 2 day workshop~$400

Level III: Reiki Master Class 

Class content covers traditional Tibetan Reiki Master Symbols, Ancient Antakarana Symbols, advanced Crystal Healing Techniques and concepts of Shamanic practice. Integrating Shamanic practice in a Reiki session enhances the healing process. Vickie's Reiki Master Class includes the power of the medicine wheel, drumming, smudging, rattling, plant medicine, feather magic, and a drum journey experience. Spiritual Reiki Master Attunement and Reiki Master Certification. $300

Level IV: Reiki Master/Teacher

Instructor content prepares Reiki Masters to teach all levels of Reiki Classes and give Spiritual Attunements to students.

What students are saying about Vickie:

I recently completed my Reiki Level III Master training under Vickie. I found Vickie to be very knowledgeable and she was easily able to explain the material and help me relate it to my own life and practice.  I was powerfully moved by her Master Attunement. Vickie is well grounded and attuned to the Universal Love. I would recommend her classes tremendously! ~Bridget, Reiki Master, Fort Collins.

Shamanic Reiki Workshop for Practitioners

Reiki and Shamanic practice work together naturally as they are based on similar principals that enhance healing sessions. Practitioners will learn concepts of shamanic healing knowledge, the medicine wheel, the four directions, drumming, smudging, rattling, plant medicine, and feather magic.  $75.

Rock Stars! Crystal Workshop

Join Vickie Martina, Reiki Master/Teacher for an interactive workshop to learn how crystals and stones help us live, love, and heal. Crystal healing works holistically through vibration, resonance, and color to enhance energy flow. Class covers vibrations, healing properties and chakra layouts, pendulums, stones to ground and protect your energy, how to charge, cleanse, and program your crystals, attune them to your energy, and create grids to amplify your intentions.  Enhance your crystal journey in this fun class sharing the unique gifts that Crystals, the Spirit of the Earth, offer us and how to integrate them into your life! $20

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