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 Vickie's tranformative healing sessions include intuitive guidance, life counseling, crystals, harmonic lights and shamanic practice. 

1 hour session $70 ~ 90 minute session $90

The Healing Art of Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique that heals body, mind, and spirit for essential wellness. Rei is Universal consciousness and Ki is life force energy. Life Energy flows through our meridians and aura. When your life energy is low it is more difficult to cope with life’s stressors.  Reiki strengthens life force energy and releases energy that is not of your highest good. Reiki restores harmony and creates a balanced flow of energy in the body.

During a Reiki Session, the Practitioners hands are placed slightly away from or lightly touching the client’s body as energy flows into the body and aura to promote the healing process.  Reiki promotes both physical and psychological healing. When the entire field of the person is addressed  true healing will occur for optimal health and well-being.

The Reiki Practitioner’s role is to be supportive, non-judgmental, and to provide a safe environment to release emotions during the healing process. Each session is specific to the client’s intention for healing.