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Saturday March 9, 2019 comments

Hello and Welcome to Violet Light Reiki!

I love the beauty and promise of Spring! Winter is abating as the wheel turns and we move into the inspiring season of Spring. Our bodies and spirit are ready for rejuvenation after the winter doldrums. We are in harmony with Mother Earth and as nature blossoms in the Spring, so do we, expanding our creative potential!

Our Chakras are always in motion receiving and sending energy and can become blocked and sluggish from stress and anxiety. This is an optimal time of year to clear and renew your chakras and energy field.   Reiki Healing Energy, Harmonic Light Frequencies, and Crystals all release old energy, balance and harmonize chakras, and raise your vibration providing holistic healing for your entire being. 

The Harmonic Light Chakra Wand uses focused light programmed with the frequencies of each Chakra color. I use the Charkra Wand in my Reiki sessions and in addition, I am offering 30-minute Chakra balancing and healing session for $35.

Ladies! This is the time of year to shed winter skin with a gentle facial. Experience a 30-minute Harmonic Light Facial with the Rejuvenating Face Mask that is scientifically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and increase collagen up to 34%! $35.

Stress relief and self-care is so important in these chaotic times on the planet!  Maintain your health and well-being with a healing session of your choice to uplift and vitalize your body, mind, and spirit!

I look forward to partnering with you on your healing path with an intuitive healing session as you Spring forward!

Blessings of Love and Light,



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